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Are you a passion-driven business owner who’s fiercely impatient to play a bigger game and build a million-dollar business—but find your marketing isn’t converting at the levels you want—and you’re not sure why?

You’re in exactly the right place if you’re a coach, speaker or information expert with a big launch or event on the horizon.

But something is off…

Your previous launches have failed to reach the smashing sales you worked so hard for.

You’re tired of your industry movers and shakers taking you less seriously than you deserve.

In a saturated, jaded marketplace, it’s devastatingly hard to make a dazzling impact and compete with the big industry players.

Here’s where we come in. Get the help you need to stand out from the crowd…boldly unleashing your signature style and message to consistently attract fabulous clients and JV partners, and confidently inspire the right people to say ‘Yes!’ to working with YOU.


  • Blending in
  • Playing small
  • Feeling like the best-kept secret
  • Earning less than you’re worth



About Kerrianne Cartmer-Edwards…

British brand designer Kerrianne Cartmer-Edwards is a darling of North America’s high-performing entrepreneur circles. In the past decade, her digital marketing and personal style makeovers have helped hundreds of clients to play their A-game, dramatically increase their income and attract A-list partners and promoters.

As the founder of Kickass Impact, Kerrianne has a knack for creating brands people fall in love with and high-converting marketing funnels, with clients achieving up to 88% conversions on their custom branded opt-in pages. From masterminding product launches and unforgettable live events, to head-turning copy, webinars and funnels that explode conversions and sales, Kerrianne offers full-service brand design with unmistakable pizzazz.

Pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.

- Maya Angelou

Abandon ordinary!


Here’s the thing. The missing piece of your A-level success has nothing to do with working harder (or even smarter) on your launch or upcoming event.

If your current brand and signature style isn’t making your ideal clients SWOON the moment they find you… then it’s not delivering an unforgettable impression that lets them know EXACTLY why you’re ‘The One’ they’ve been looking for. If it doesn’t immediately position you as a PREMIUM player who’s worth every penny of what you charge… it’s probably NEVER going to take you and your business where you want to go.

So if you’ve been feeling like stellar success is sitting, tantalizingly, just INCHES beyond your fingertips) then it’s time to create your scene-stealing, high-impact brand and style that’s going to propel you to SUPERNOVA status once and for all.

The unique 6-step Kickass Impact strategy will help you unleash your dazzling signature style

From show-stopping brand personality to swoon-worthy color palette, from love-at-first-sight logo to spellbinding lead magnets and off-the-charts optin pages. All this and more if you’re ready to become an A-level player in your niche, and create the business and income of your dreams.

Dazzle High-End Clients and JV Partners with your unique stand-OUT brand

Join Kerrianne for 6 days of wildly inspiring style and messaging magic

what people are saying…

Just weeks after my brand relaunch a top industry influencer asked me if she could promote my program to her list of 53+K!

Kerrianne radically upleveled my core message and style then began nailing down the look, tone and feel of my entire brand… her attention to detail is second to none.

She was totally committed to my success from our very first session. Her energy and enthusiasm never wavered. It was amazing!

Julie Henderson

My favorite thing about working with Kerrianne is how she ‘gets’ you… it’s a gift.

She is very collaborative. She really listens and then brings to life an even bigger vision of what you can achieve than you can see for yourself.

The end result is so YOU, it’s like ‘Of course—it was always meant to be like that!’

Alison Kenyon

Kerrianne is a delight!

She got right to the core of what I wanted to say and helped me to come up with both the right messages and the right visual cues to totally bring my brand to life.

She’s a joy to work with!

Bob Baker, MD

I loved working with Kerrianne! She had such a fabulous way of seeing the many skills and positive traits that I own and how to pull them together into a congruent brand.

She has a way to identify the vision for my brand for years to come. She is visually and conceptually awesome. She gets you, such a direct lovely person.

So glad I found her! My experience has been so positive and I recommend her highly!

Jane Morba

Hiring Kerrianne to revamp my brand was the best investment I could have ever made…

She’s a women with class and integrity, ready to give you tough love in service of your business to deliver a brand that is 100% authentic and in full alignment with your core strengths and values.

She is an example for other coaches in the industry to follow – she is brilliant at what she does and also genuinely cares. She’s the best!

Ray Hippolyte

From vivacious red lipstick to her vibrant smile… the moment I met Kerrianne I knew she was a good fit for me and my business. From start to finish, she was full of brilliant ideas and always a step ahead of the curve.

Kerrianne is clear, concise and a great listener – she really gets you. I’m so freaking excited my feet are no longer touching the ground. She will exceed all your expectations!

Gina Vincent

The word ‘Branding’ seems not big enough for what you’ve done for me, Kerrianne…

My new landing pages are getting 88%+ conversions, webinar optins and sales are up, big players are inviting me onto their stages, and suddenly people are emailing me asking to work with me before they even meet me!

Opportunities are just falling into my lap now. I can’t thank you enough!

Tammy Lane

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