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Does your Brand need an  upgrade?

Is YOUR brand setting YOU up for A-level impact and income?

Or do you have a sneaking suspicion your current style, look and brand may be hurting your conversions and sales? But you’re too close to it to know where to start?

If you’d like an expert opinion on your current market presence and style impact, with some custom recommendations to immediately uplevel your Oomph, then apply for a private 1:1 Kickass Brand Audit with me personally.

The Kickass Brand Audit is an expert assessment of your brand identity, message and online presence. As part of my 6-point Kickass Brand Audit, I’ll scope out your Brand Personality, Unique Point of Difference, Market Positioning, Visual Brand, Written Brand and Verbal Brand.

I’ll check out your website, funnel pages, social media platforms, and let you know how well your brand personality comes across, plus take a pulse on the strength of your core message and USP.

You’ll know exactly which areas are getting in the way of your meteoric rise to the top and gain some dazzling gems on how to uplevel both your business and personal impact. Plus it’ll be a lot of FUN. That’s a promise.

Complete the short form below to tell me more about yourself… and I’ll look forward to meeting you soon!

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Kerrianne Cartmer-Edwards
The Kickass Impact Expert™

P.S. If you’re serious about becoming the darling of your market and propelling your business to stratospheric success, then apply NOW. This may be the ONE conversation that changes everything for you.

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