Credibility - Kickass Impact

As a passion-driven entrepreneur, the common wisdom is that you need more visibility in your business, right? But the irony is… if your brand sucks, more visibility is just about the LAST thing you need. If you have a weak or confusing brand that crushes your credibility and repels high paying clients, really, more visibility is not your friend!

Bottom line… visibility without credibility is a liability. If you take a flaky brand and make it highly visible, it just means that instead of repelling a FEW select potential clients, you’re now repelling MASSES of them. (And that’s tragic, right?)

The key to escaping that trap is a Kickass BRAND that just cuts through all the small stuff and positions you right up there at the top of the game. Get that right and all of a sudden premium players are taking you seriously. And happy to pay you what you’re worth, no questions asked. Yes, it can happen THAT quickly.