First Impressions - Kickass Impact

It doesn’t matter how much marketing you do – nothing you say is going to attract high-end clients to work with you and persuade them to pay you premium rates if your first impression is average – because it makes YOU look average. It’s telling a story about you that hits home on a subconscious level. And that’s where the decision to work with you is made or rejected in seconds.

Yep, that’s how long you’ve got!

Harvard studies show that within 2 seconds of finding you, people will already have formed an opinion about your competence and level of success. And furthermore, those first impressions are likely to stick. Did you know… it takes 8 subsequent positive interactions to counteract ONE bad first impression. Eight! And sadly this marketplace is VERY unlikely to give you eight more second-chances.

So this is NOT something you want to mess up! How people feel about you in those first crucial seconds is the frontline make or break moment for your credibility. Every time you market WITHOUT a credible brand, it’s not only a waste of money – you’ve wasted an opportunity to make a kickass first impression. That’s why this is something you need to get fixed RIGHT NOW.