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Hi, I’m Kerrianne Cartmer-Edwards and I’m SO excited to meet you!

I’m an entrepreneur, mother, former fashion designer turned style and branding strategist, and woman on a mission for a boldly lived adventure… and I’m thrilled to be on the journey with YOU!

As the Kickass Impact Expert, my goal is to help audacious entrepreneurs nail their unique Kickass BRAND — in a highly accelerated timeframe.

I did things the hard way, so I’d love for you NOT to follow my route to success. Here’s the cliff-notes version of my personal roller-coaster-ride…

The world of online entrepreneurship began for me in 2006 after a first career as a fashion designer and a second one as a full-time mother to three amazing, funny and adorable children (who are my most precious and treasured gifts EVER).

I started out with no computer skills, no marketing knowledge and no clue about how much I was biting off. And along the way, puzzle piece by painstaking puzzle piece, I acquired a whole new skillset…sales and marketing strategist, networking specialist, videographer, script writer, website designer, author, motivational speaker and business mentor.

I delivered great value and amazing content.

But still the world was NOT beating a path to my door.

It felt insanity-provoking to spend so much time and effort building out complex launch funnels for such so-so results that barely budged my bottom line and left me feeling like an A-level wannabe.

After six long years, my Kickass moment of transformation ‘From Best-Kept Secret to Supernova’ finally arrived when I enticed my inner fashion designer out of retirement and let her loose in my business:

~  I put her eye for detail to work on ramping up my signature LOOK & STYLE
~  I put her creativity to work on crafting a compelling BRAND MESSAGE that perfectly expressed my passion and energy to my ideal clients
~  I put her showmanship to work on creating a UNIQUE MARKET PRESENCE that grabbed attention, positioned me at the top of my game, and put me in a category of ONE

My influence and income skyrocketed and finally I had the business I’d always DREAMED of. I want that for YOU too because I’m utterly besotted with this zany, ever-changing world of purposeful go-getters with ambitious ideas. Entrepreneurs just like YOU.

My mission is to give you all the insights and support you need to fast-track YOU to A-level success using the same 6-step Kickass Impact strategy I used for my own business and online launches.

If you’re climbing-the-walls-ready to finally reveal your A-game to the world—and you KNOW you have what it takes, then click HERE to book a Kickass Brand Audit TODAY and get the insights YOU need to make a ‘KICKASS IMPACT!’

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“If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live Out Loud.” ~ Emile Zola

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More about the author:

British brand designer Kerrianne Cartmer-Edwards is a darling of North America’s high-performing female entrepreneur circles. After enjoying an illustrious career in fashion design, she discovered a knack – and passion – for styling brands. Since then, she’s helped hundreds of clients to stiletto-stride their way to greater success through digital and personal style makeovers.

Kerrianne is best known for her keen eye, unmistakable sense of pizzazz and love of red lipstick. Little-known facts: She’s dived with sharks, bent steel bars with her throat, walked across 1200 degree coals and even thrown herself out of a perfectly good airplane. Her favorite things include travel, music, dancing, champagne, red lipstick and things that sparkle – in no particular order.

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